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Apr 06, 2022
In Barnabas International work
· Bless Remember and Julianna today, help to see today · Expectation of hope. Big things big impact. All the Schools, that will bless into the future. · Push into the future, every step counts. Awareness of your presence. Ordained steps. · Chicken work develop, be divested so others can take responsibility for it and free Ree for bigger picture thinking · Work is expanding everywhere. Multiply out to the congregations in every place. Give them an attitude of gratitude. · Bless worship leaders, let them lead well · Finance, picture · Ree with children, school fees doubled. Just haven’t got money needed. Provide for them. · Look to You rather than themselves. Multiplication · Finance from another source · Establish something new · Rains for two years running, vision of market garden expand, a vision using much of the land. All of the Barnabas churches, growing income. More business coming from abundance 30-100 fold. Not just feed themselves but a sustainable income beyond themselves. Increase. · Strengthen them, faithful people. · Bless them with salvation, genuine work, heart change dramatic birth. Bless those in authority, ability to transform lives.
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